Poetry Slam


“Exiled from the earth that gave me birth;
Lost my way and lost my thoughts, living in the mouth of dearth.
But my heart dares to dream,
Still yearns for a life of esteem…
Finally, having crossed the stream,
I step on a land I might call my own,
But is this where I belong?
Because even in this new ‘home’,
I’ve been betrothed to deterioration too long.”

The English Literary Society, Miranda House invites you to,

“Dreaming and Undreaming”

A poetry slam competition with an aim to spread awareness about the worldwide refugee crisis, global humanitarian issues and the breakdown of people’s aspirations around the world. We provide you with an opportunity to unleash your artistic spirit with all the sensitivity that it contains, and respond to others’ soul-stirring poetry. Let’s touch heartstrings. Let’s try to soften the pain this world carries.
Today, let’s make a difference, together.

For registration and other relevant details, please go to:


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