Creative Writing Competition


Refugees and the displaced are people uprooted from everything they know. When their safe sanctuary-home and country- turns into what they fear the most, they are cast away into an endless storm of chaos and helplessness. The fundamental issue then is of survival.
The experience of displacement has come to be associated with emotions of nostalgia, alienation, crisis of identity. The figure of the refugee thus, carries a great deal of resonance, which has found expression in modern literature and art.
Not surprisingly, the refugee and the migrant have served as metaphors for existential crisis of identity and subjectivity, whose scope encompasses all humanity and extends beyond the historical. ‘How to be?’ is perhaps the main question that surfaces.
It is these diverse resonances – material and psychological, individual and collective, real and imagined, personal or shared –
that we hope will find a voice in new and creative ways.

The English Literary Society of Miranda House invites all budding writers to participate in ‘SURVIVAL’ – the creative writing competition.

Date- 21st February 2017.
Venue – Room 101
Time- 1:45- 3:00 pm

1. Bring your own writing material including pens, papers, etc
2. No late entries for registration will be entertained
on the spot registration will close 15 minutes prior to the event
3. The word limit is 700 words
4. No specific genre limit – go creative! But we would appreciate it if the entries are not in the form of essays, reports or other non-creative forms.

To register, please visit:


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