Comic Sketch Competition


The ongoing Syrian civil war is widely considered to be one of the worst humanitarian debacles in history. Ordinary citizens have been deprived of the right to a peaceful existence, and moreover, they have not been allowed to raise their voices against their constantly degenerating circumstances. However, a few stories have still managed to percolate mainstream media, directing the attention of the world to the Syrians’ struggle for survival. A significant endeavor in this context was made my Marvel and ABC, who collaborated in the making of Madaya Mom, a comic book inspired by the true story of a mother of five battling starvation and sniper fire in order to protect her family. The unimaginable story of struggle is based on the revelations of an anonymous woman, who spoke up against the insanitary living conditions, lack of basic resources like food and water, and state-sponsored violence that she and her children faced on a daily basis.

The English Literary Society, Miranda House, presents to you Lifelines, a chance to spread awareness about the debilitating circumstances ordinary victims of civil wars and refugee crises face, in the medium of a comic strip. As debates rage on throughout the world on issues like ethnic cleansing, cultural genocide, closing of borders, etc. we give you an opportunity to fuse together your sensitivity and creativity to increase public consciousness about what’s happening across the world.

These are not times to sit idle and purposefully be ignorant; no, these are crucial times to raise your voice against the evils penetrated across the globe. As they say, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Let your heart paint a picture for our brothers and sisters around the world.

For registration and other relevant details, please go to:…/1s6xae6mjbsdm1bp5eQW7vdkSNEW…/edit


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