Call for Papers!



The English Literary Society, Miranda House, invites students to present their papers for their annual literary festival, Refugees: In-Between Lives and Lands, on the topic “Xenophobia: Insecurity At Borders”.

In an era where right-wing governments are on the rise throughout the world, and intolerance for the “other” increases alarmingly, we firmly believe that it is imperative to analyse and discuss what is it that is making people hostile to those fleeing some of the worst humanitarian crises in the history of mankind. What is behind the insecurity that made the American public vote for a man like Donald Trump, whose agenda includes, and is not limited to, the building of an “impenetrable physical wall on the southern border” and the end of sanctuary cities? What made a German court rule that Syrian refugees “are only entitled to subsidiary protection, rather than full asylum”? These are the questions that we as a society must not provide easy answers to. As Slavoj Zizek has pointed out, it’s not enough to merely critique the right-wing opposition to refugees and immigrants, but also to critique the left liberal viewpoint of keeping silent about the crisis or under-reporting it in host countries. We must move beyond the “we are all equal” rhetoric to one which acknowledges and accepts the social and cultural differences refugees bring with them, thereby showing true solidarity for the human race.

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